People are people

It saddens me when I hear people are ‘turned off’ with religion because a preacher has an ‘issue’, because the church just wants money, or because a supposed to be ‘Christian’ failed their expectations.

A lot of false teachings and teachings that are watered down to fit what people want to hear are all around us now (2 Peter 2). I have written something before about how we all should check if the information we see or hear is not contradicting the Word of God (Here’s a link to that post). Don’t just believe anything you see or hear. When I was studying in the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, a fellow Campus Bible Fellowship member once told me that we were not given brains for naught or to just be blind followers. Our brains have the ability to analyze and think and not just absorb and follow anything presented to us. That encouraged me to always seek the truth and contest whatever information is presented to me.

About giving money to the church and to others, here are interesting links (“Is tithing a commandment?” and “Tithing vs. Giving“) that I came across with. Swindlers or frauds are different issues though. How would you know the difference? Do research. Find information about that organization. Check their integrity. Seek God’s Word. This might come strong but I believe people are easily deceived because they also make themselves vulnerable. Be wise, careful and equip yourselves. Now these are different from becoming a skeptic, living in fear, and having mistrust.

People will never be perfect. I remember seeing a meme on Tumblr that says: “A church is not a museum for saints but a hospital for sinners.” People that you will meet in church will at some point make a mistake which might not meet your expectations but this should also not be an excuse or a license to let them continue sinning.

Everyone is in the process of being molded by God to become more like Christ and the change doesn’t often happen instantaneously (2 Corinthians 3:18). This is why people are supposed to be helping each other to change for the better by giving constructive criticism instead of putting them down (1 Thessalonians 5:11). People should be intolerant but in love and should always seek what God has to say on any particular issue before doing or saying anything.



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