For guys: How to let a girl know you like her

I came across this article on how guys should let a girl know that he likes her and I really admire the wisdom that he has in this particular area. To guys out there: I do hope that you would consider his advice before laying your intentions down to a girl that you like. Here it is:

So, how does a Christian guy let a girl know that he likes her?
Well, first he does research. He talks to an older guy that he trusts. He answers some questions about her. He narrows down the things that he likes about her. He becomes aware of how he acts around her. He evaluates whether or not this relationship would be God-ordained or based on impulse. He observes her with her friends in group settings. He learns about her character. What is she like with her mom and dad?

While he’s doing all these things, he prays until he can make a good decision. And once he’s made a decision that’s based on prayer, and if that decision is to tell the girl how he feels, it’s time to man up. He just has to swallow his doubt and say it. It will come out differently for different people, of course.

I was pretty direct when I did it. My speech went something like, “I like you, and we should date.”( Of course, she had a small say in the whole dating thing.) There’s not much use to planning to say elaborate things; you won’t remember them, and it’s better to be genuine.

After you tell a girl how you feel about her, she may reject you. It happens. If it does, pray about it, take a week to get over the sting, then move on and be glad that God didn’t let you make a mistake. If you don’t get rejected, congrats! Then the hard work starts. Either way, the girl will know you’re into her. A guy who’s a player or that is up to no good is going to have trouble with a few of these steps. Even shy Christian guys may take a little longer to go through them. However, following these steps will lead to good communication and perhaps a better outcome.

Copied from Asa’s Advice from the 
Insight Magazine Online


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