We Complicate Things

Have you ever done something complicated only to realize that there was an easy way to do it?

I think I can safely say that most of us, if not all, had gone through that scenario. I have. I would often over-analyze things and do them in a complex manner. I can maybe blame it on my personality. As much as possible, I want things to be organized and perfect.

When I was young, my father (the biological one and not the heavenly one) would always tell me over and over that I should try to simplify things. I would often hear him say that whenever he asks me to do chores at home and during our ‘chess’ lessons. It was frustrating, mind you, but it just hit me lately that he has a point.

I came across an article which emphasizes on this. The key verses are found in John 15:1-11. As human beings, we tend to over-think things, make up complex belief systems, and formulate formulas in following God. However John, 15:1-11 says just ‘abide in Him’. A simple phrase but is a life-changing statement if applied.

YOu might ask, how do we abide in Him? Here are some statements from the setapartgirl site:

  • Find your life’s meaning in Him.
  • Find your value and confidence in Him.
  • Find your purpose and direction in Him.
  • Find the source for all spiritual achievement in Him.
  • Find the strength to live each moment in Him.
  • Find the wisdom to navigate the many turns of life in Him.
  • Find forgiveness from all your sins in Him.
  • Find the satisfaction of boundless joy in Him.
  • Find the most glorious peace in Him.
  • Find the perfect love and acceptance in Him.
  • Find the most satisfying life for all eternity in Him. 

Abiding in Christ entails allowing Him to work in EVERY area of our life. It means listening to Him (by reading the Bible) and surrendering to His will in every twist and turn of life’s drama.


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