Four Recent Favorite Songs (August 10, 2012)

Four of your favorite songs at the moment.

  • Better With You by Adrianne Serna
    I love the lyrics and melody. The first two stanzas are like my love song for God lately ^_^
  • God of My Days by Gateway Worship
    The song just expresses what I have experienced lately. I have learned to be more trusting to God and to include him in everything in my life because He is faithful.
  • Desert Song by Hillsong United
    I love the piano part of this song, though I had a hard time playing it coz I just do it by ear. I just love how this song speaks of praising God in every season of our lives because no matter what happens He is still God and He is in control even though we think the opposite.
  • Still by Hillsong United
    I love the piano parts and the voicing in the chorus part. Also, I love how this song claims that God is sovereign so we shouldn’t fret when we face trouble and hardships because God is greater than these.

*This is from my tumblr blog. FIVE DAY CHALLENGE – Day 2


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