Experifood moments

Watching MasterChef brings back good memories of me cooking and preparing meals for the people I love.

It also made me ponder of a future where I can make more delish meals for my family and friends and all the new God-ordained people that I will encounter.

I grew up in a home where experimenting on food was part of our ‘bonding’ activities. I learned how to bake when I was in elementary school. I was quite a picky eater when I was young but I eventually learned to love trying out new dishes.

One of the dishes that I often cook and experiment on is pasta! Here’s a tuna in cream sauce pasta dish.

I also love trying out asian recipes like this chicken in lemon, honey and ginger sauce:

And here’s an experiment on Gim Bap (Korean style sushi):

I love mexican food too (especially Tacos and Nachos with various dips!):

But of course, nothing beats desserts! This here is a mango float dessert but instead of using graham crackers or biscuits, I used bread and added some cinnamon powder. ^_^

And after watching loads of cooking shows and recipes online, I would usually try and do some ‘plating’ 😛


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