I was having a lazy Sunday evening last 17 May 2009. I got into reading some entries from the diaries that I have kept since 2005.

Actually, boredom got me into reading my diaries. I was waiting for my favorite show to air on cable TV and I got tired of spending some time flicking through channels which shows reruns of movies that I have seen more than twice. I turned the TV off and went to my room to look for some magazines and or books to read but to my dismay, I have finished reading all of them, not only once. In short, I do not have the luxury of having other options on what I could do with my idle time.

While reading some entries, I can’t help but laugh at the entries I have written in the past. Most of them were about guys, and my (kinda shallow) happy moments. Aside from having a laugh, I was also reminded of the lessons about life that I have learned in the past. What amuses me most is the fact that I have actually changed as a person. I have different views from then. I am more open-minded than the ‘boxed’ way of thinking that I have before.

I guess, spending some time to read my diaries is not that bad after all compared to my initial thought that it is a horrible activity to do. I am wondering, how many others out there are keeping diaries. How about you? Have you ever kept a diary even once in your lifetime? Have you tried looking at some of its pages lately? If you have, how was it? If not yet, would you even dare try?


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