Secret of the Magic Gourd

‘There’s nothing more satisfying as you gain success and know that it’s all because you worked really hard for it.’

Morning of 8 February 2009. After eating breakfast, I decided to switch on the telly since I was a bit lazy to start doing laundry. I turned to Disney Channel. The film ‘ The Secret of the Magic Gourd is just about to start. After a few seconds of consideration, I decided to sit down and finish watching the film first before doing my laundry.
The movie tells the story of a young 11-year-old boy named Raymond. He seems to be someone who has vivid imagination but not a lot of motivation. His family, classmates, and teacher are frustrated with his lack-of-dedication attitude. He is someone who wishes he could have everything that he wants even without lifting a finger. One day, while fishing, he reels in the legendary Magic Gourd — a powerful vegetable who can grant any wish that his heart desires, as long as Raymond doesn’t tell anyone about him. The Gourd gave him the things that he wanted and helped him achieve his goals. It isn’t long before he discovers (after a series of mishaps) that getting everything you want isn’t all that great. The boy learned his lesson the hard way. He already brought shame to his family and embarrassment to himself. Decided to change everyone’s view of him, he decided to turn over a new leaf and start working to achieve his own success.

The film inspired me to work harder and it helped me reflect on my performance as a person. It sounds great if you could just have all your wishes in a flick of a finger but I think you might end up having a lot of insecurities and guilt.

I believe films for kids teaching good morals could still serve as an inspiration or learning tool for adults.


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