Musings about life and love

Life is a journey wherein you acquire more wisdom as you go farther.

Being in Global Xchange, going to a foreign country, meeting new people and meeting old friends again, and staying in it for a few months had totally made a difference. I have my ups and downs while walking through the first phase of the program but one thing constant is the learning I acquire in each stop.

I learned that experience is still the best teacher. I’m writing about love as I usually do. It’s amazing to see what I have written before and contemplate on them. I’ve had twisted ideologies about love when I was in high school. I came to a point where I have thought of having love relationships are crap because of my heart breaks. Then I found out that there is no point in sulking around.

I’m quite okay now with the fact that I’ve had past relationships because I have learned what my failures are, what my shortcomings are in those experience. I’m happy to have talked about love and their loved ones with some people wherein I realized every person’s love story is unique so I should not even try comparing myself.

I believe in the saying, “The heart must have its time of snow, to rest in silence and then to grow.” My heart is now resting in silence, enjoying singlehood. I sometimes think of breaking that silence but I know forcing it will be like suicide. Right timing is essential. It means I’m not the one who could make it. That would be considered forcing. I must let everything grow in its own time. “Everything happens in its own season”.

I should wait patiently and while waiting, try to become a better person for that special someone. When I say being a better person for that special someone, I mean being the best you can be where you stay true to your heart and yourself. That, I think, is the only way to become the best that you can be as a person, by enriching your personality or your character. It might require you to perfect your skills or acquire new skills. It might require you to accept new beliefs and or discard your beliefs.

I’m not being idealistic or anything because I am aiming to be more open-minded as time goes. I just think that when true love comes, everything would fall into their rightful places. It might not be obvious at the beginning, you might even find yourself questioning about a lot of things, but I’m quite sure once it’s there you will find the words compromise or sacrifice is not as cumbersome as it seems.


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