One Love, One Lifetime

I’ve been somehow touched by this article from the Best of Young Bloods. This article was written by quickmelt. This was my favorite part:
“Once you’ve tasted manna from heaven, why bother with bread from the baker? Nothing compares with it. Until God sends me my angel on earth to love and to cherish forever, I will be content to be alone. I have learned to swallow my loneliness like a bitter pill, hoping that my good behavior will make fate smile at me and say, ‘Here is the one for you. Live happily ever after, your name on his heart.”

–the best of young blood: ”One love, one lifetime” by quickmelt 06/04 & 06/1996

We should raise our standards for  our ideal man. Why stay contented on cheap flings? For now I just have to keep on trusting my Lord on what His will is for my love-life so as to keep myself from establishing false hopes and to keep myself from experiencing unnecessary pains.


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